BC30 T2 30-Inch (762mm) T-Square Fence and Rail System

BC30 T2 30-Inch (762mm) T-Square Fence and Rail System

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  • One piece 14 gage 2 by 3” rectangular steel guide tube,
  • mounted to on ¼” section angle iron rail.
  • Mounting design attaches to Delta® and most other table saws with cast iron tables.
  • Laminated 9 ply Birch Plywood sides are durable and non-marring.
  • Fence body constructed of 14 gage welded steel.
  • Three-point locking system with twin hairline pointers to assure fence is parallel to blade
  • and accurate to within
  • 1/64 of an inch (0.4mm)
  • Easy-gliding, on solid nylon pads, with quick action handle with magnets to hold handle up in
  • release position, for easy positioning.
  • Fence securely clamps to both front tube only to insure perfectly parallelism to the blade
  • front to back.
  • Quick – Fence removal for locating on either side of the blade for consistent ripping
  • capabilities on either side of
  • the blade, left or right tilt saws.


  • RH RIP Capacity – 30-Inch (762mm) Max rip to right of blade
  • LH RIP Capacity - 12 Inch (305mm) Max rip to left of blade
  • Fence Height – 2-1/2 Inch (64mm)
  • Fence Length – 42 Inch – (1067mm)
  • Rail Length – 64 Inch (1,626mm)


Delta Machinery 2 Year Warranty

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